I’m Jensen Harris, product design and user experience guy, software lover, device geek, writer, coder, musician, hacker, father.

I have led teams through some of the boldest and most innovative user interface projects in the world, including the Metro UI for Surface and Windows 8/8.1 tablets, the design of the modern Ribbon user interface for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote, and creation of the widely-copied e-mail user interface in Microsoft Outlook.

Now I spend my days leading the incubation team which is imagining and building next-generation hardware and software breakthroughs for Windows Phone, Xbox, Windows, and new kinds of devices.

I love everything about the creative process of designing beautiful, useful, and forward-thinking products. Design together with real-world engineering is the ultimate marriage of science and the humanities. Nothing is more rewarding to me than creating a product that is cohesive, elegant, and delightful. Craftsmanship is in the details.

While I went to arts school and my formal education was in music composition, I’ve been coding all my life. As a developer, I have published apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and Windows Phone.

Here are some recent videos, talks, and writing I have been involved in.

My résumé details my recent experiences if you would like to take a look.